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  All of the Check SIx Training "Ask The Instructor" videos can be accessed in the link on our Home page. 

  Your company name is Check Six Training.  What does "check six" mean?  Check six is a term that is used mainly by military and law enforcement.   It means watch your back.  If someone says,"check six" it usually means there is a potential threat behind you.

Who is your clientele?   We are very selective with regard to our clientele and have trained people from many different backgrounds and experience levels. Some of our clientele has included: law enforcement officers, magistrates, professional athletes, doctors, competitive shooters, military personnel, as well as a myriad of other hard working professionals.

   I can get the Basic Pistol/ Concealed Carry Instruction cheaper from an individual.  Why should I pay extra for your companies course?   Our course is not  "just" a concealed carry course.  If you are only taking the course for the concealed carry paperwork, please consider another source.   The concealed carry paperwork will not save your life if you are attacked.  Our company sells training.  All of our courses are either private or semi-private.   We believe this affords you better training and also helps to ensure your privacy.  When you pass our Basic Pistol/ Concealed Carry course you will have been given the information and training that will help you create a mindset so you are able to use: observation skills, early threat detection and assessment, ways to create distance, large muscle movement drills, plus-one tactics, as well as shooting drills and a myriad of other information and training. 

  If I already have my concealed carry permit or other training, can I employ your company for additional training?  In most cases, yes.  However this is done on a case-by-case basis.  In each and every case the instruction will begin with a basic refresher to determine the clients knowledge base and skill level.

   Can you create a course that is based on my specific needs?  Yes, within reason.  We will not teach certain tactics that are created solely for military or law enforcement use.  However, for example, we have taught families how to set up a "safe room", as well as working together, as a unit, in order to be able to respond to burglaries or home invasions in a defensive manner.

   How do I reserve a slot in one of your courses?  We take all of our clients on a first come first serve basis.  All you have to do is call us at
(919) 619-4061 and we will do our best to fit you in to the course and date you desire.

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