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Home Security Consulting- is a private analysis of  your home.  Our analysis will include recommendations concerning the exterior, the interior, as well as instruction on how to set up a "safe room".  If requested, we will also recommend companies, that we believe are reputable to help you make any necessary modifications to your home.

School and Venue Consulting
- The  main priority of Check Six Training's school and venue consulting is to enhance the current program or protocol that you already have in place.  Our services are designed to help you create a safer environment for your administrators, staff, students, and guests.  Every assessment is individually customized based on: the location, number of patrons, surrounding area, known and unknown threats, as well as a myriad of additional information that is relayed to us during the initial consultation.  Our recommendations will include: communications during a critical incident (primary and secondary), retreat , exit, use of cover, lockdown, and the mindset to survive.  We will provide the initial training as well as a refresher training course on a yearly basis to accommodate new staff and students.

Women's Basic Personal Protection- is designed to teach the basics of individual personal protection regardless of the location.  This is an interactive course that covers, Observation Skills, Early Threat Detection and Assessment Drills, and Defensive Drills.  The average class size is 10-15 women.  We also offer this class for Mother/daughter groups.

Basic Pistol Training- is a course designed to teach the basics of handling and caring for a pistol safely.   There is a live fire session in this course.  Successful completion of this course will allow  North Carolina residents the opportunity to apply for a North Carolina concealed handgun permit.

Scenario Training- is available to clients who have shown a basic proficiency of shooting while moving and are looking to test their ability while under controlled stress.  The scenarios are designed around situations that someone may encounter on any given day.  There may be forward, lateral, and backward movement during scenario training.   

Intermediate Handgun Tactics- is a course that is designed to enhance the student's basic skills.  The additional topics will include presentation techniques, shooting from cover and concealment, as well as static and dynamic shooting.  All students interested in enrolling in the course must have either the Basic Pistol or Personal Protection course as a prerequisite along with an instructor recommendation.

Advanced Handgun Tactics-  is a course that is designed to review and expand on the techniques taught in the previous handgun courses.  The additional topics will include weapon retention, shooting positions, and cornering techniques.  All students interested in enrolling in the course must have successfully completed the Intermediate Handgun course as a prerequisite along with an instructor recommendation.

Basic Shotgun Tactics-  is a course that is designed for individuals that are interested in learning to use a shotgun for personal protection and home defense.  Each course begins by covering the safety features and functions of the shotgun.  This course will allow students to learn proper tactical deployment of their shotgun from several shooting positions.  In addition, we will also teach the proper use of concealment and cover, as well as weapon retention.  We encourage students to bring multiple types of ammunition, for testing purposes, so they can make an informed decision based on their personal situation.  The course is 4 hours and requires a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition.

Basic Carbine Tactics- is a course that is designed for individuals that are interested in learning about the AR-15 rifle.  Each course begins with the safety features and functions of the AR-15 rifle.  During this course we will cover proper deployment , magazine changes, multiple shooting platforms, and  weapon retention.  We will also discuss different types of ammunition and their uses.  This course is 4 hours and requires a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition.

Custom Courses
-  At Check Six Training we will create a custom course based on your personal or family needs.  We specialize in teaching family groups defensive techniques such as; how to set up a safe room,  contact and cover,  tactical retreat, plus additional techniques which could help protect you and your family in the event of a home invasion or burglary.

For availability and scheduling call (919) 619-4061  We include all live fire sessions FREE of charge once you have enrolled in the classroom or educational portion of the session.

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