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  " If you are looking to to get great instruction with a fully comprehensive course, look no further. The instruction leaves you with a full understanding of the course material, taught in a very safe and user friendly manner. The courses cover all aspects of the subject, including unique and thoughtful real world scenarios. Check Six training provides not only quality instruction but a philosophy of thought that applies in the real world. Thank you for providing such a great training resource. I will surely be back for more, and will recommend it highly.
Michael, Chapel Hill, N.C.

  " This course was exceptional !  It was well planned and well presented by the instructors who obviously enjoy teaching others about personal safety and self defense.  It's not just about handguns.  It's about how to be safe and how to think clearly when presented with a life threatening situation.   -Donna, Chapel Hill, N.C.

  I have to say, you caught me off guard.  I have been through many courses and instructors from Florida to Texas and you are definately one of the best!  Your knowledge and demeanor along with the way you relay the information is second to none.  Outstanding course! 

Thanks again,  Steve

  " Without suggesting that a firearm is for everyone, or even the best way to provide for personal protection; the instructors provide an informative, pleasant forum through which the students can learn about firearms and their safe handling.   After the course, students can then make their own decision whether or not owning a firearm is something they are interested in.  Bravo, I am glad you provide the education and service that you do" .  Derek, Durham, N.C.

" I certainly enjoyed the class! You provided a storehouse of information which you relayed in "an easy-to-understand" format. I have already given your name to other possible clients. Good Luck!! -Jane, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Hi Scott,

Thank you again for the expert instruction I received this past August. I should've said as much long before now, but I wanted you to know how much impact you had as an instructor.
   Lord knows I hope I never have to use it...but it does help bring about a legally responsible peace of mind. In a way it's akin to readily having an umbrella, mainly as conditional insurance in unpredictable situational environments!
  One day I will take your advanced class...but until then I'm glad to have learned as much as I have from you (which is still advanced in comparison to other courses!).

Best regards,
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