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About Us
  Check Six Training LLC was established for one main purpose, to give law abiding citizens information and training which can help them either avoid or deter attacks from the criminal element .  Our company motto is: "Refuse to lose".  All of our courses incorporate teaching observation skills, early threat detection and assessment, methods to create distance, and as a last resort, defensively aggressive tactics.

  At Check Six Training, our professional instructors have a wide variety of teaching and training experience.  Check Six Training instructors' experiences and credentials include, but are not limited to; Law Enforcement teaching and training, State of North Carolina certifications, National Rifle Association training and certifications, military training, and competitive shooting awards. 

  Our main emphasis at Check Six Training is education of firearms safety, training and tactics, as well as individual personal protection.  We base all of our tactical firearms and personal protection training on the premise of being  "defensively aggressive".  Successful completion of our Basic Pistol course will give North Carolina residents the opportunity to apply for a North Carolina concealed handgun permit.  We specialize in semi-private and private training as well as designing customized courses to suit your individual needs.

  If you are interested in becoming a Check Six Training client please refer to our Courses section.  The course descriptions will help you make an informed decision concerning your personal needs and goals.
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